Our Story

A cup of tea
makes everything better

Mother and daughter owned and operated tea bar and gift shop located in downtown Greenville, SC. Specializing in sustainable, ethically sourced premium loose leaf tea, brewed loose leaf tea, bubble tea, chai tea, smoothies, tea gifts, mugs, infusers and more!

Steeped in community

We created Cosmic Rabbits to provide a happy, fun gathering space for our community to enjoy and share our love for tea with others. We are passionate about the health benefits tea provides and the endless possibilities for fun and innovative beverages.

Allie |
I developed severe acne as an adult which I continued to struggle with until I discovered green rooibos tea as a natural remedy. After years of antibiotics and topical remedies yielding no result, my acne completely cleared up in a few short weeks with green rooibos. My skin issues gave me so much anxiety during that time, now I feel obligated to tell others how tea helped me. I believe feeling good in your own body is so important, and I want to help others feel confident and healthy. I thought if tea can alleviate this, what else can it do? With it's rich history, holistic solutions, and endless flavor potential, it quickly became a passion.

Tracie |
My exploration of tea and it's limitless potential began in my late 20's. I had lost both of my parents to cancer and was facing some serious medical issues myself. I was searching for a holistic approach to a healthier future and tea became part of the solution. Naturally, when you discover something amazing you want to share it with everyone! My hope is that CR Tea Co. will become a source for information, open discussion, and empower others to make choices to live better and smarter while they drink something delicious!